Sinners In The Hand’s of an Angry God (excerpt)

They deserve to be cast into Hell; so that divine
Justice never stands in the Way, it makes no Objection
against God’s using his Power at any Moment
to destroy them. Yea, on the contrary, Justice calls
aloud for an infinite Punishment of their Sins. Divine
Justice says of the Tree that brings forth such
Grapes of Sodom, Cut it down, why cumbreth it the
Ground, Luk. 13. 7. The Sword of divine Justice is
every Moment brandished over their Heads, and
’tis nothing but the Hand of arbitrary Mercy, and
God’s meer Will, that holds it back.

Christ’s Object Lessons by E. G. White

Good book! And that is coming from someone who doesn’t like reading. I started this book because I had never read one of White’s books start to finish, this was my first. Christ’s Object Lessons is a shorter book with lots of individual chapters giving the reader lots of break points while reading. The book goes through pretty much all of the parables Jesus ever told and gives them more context. Mrs. White adds the cultural aspect as well as her own opinion on the stories. My favorite thing is how Mrs. White ties the same parables told differently in each gospel together with other related scripture verses.

The writing and flow of this book was excellent making it a smooth read. My only suggestion is reading it by topic instead of straight through. I read it straight through initially, but I missed a lot of the impact of what was written. I suggest reading no more than one chapter a day, along with the Bible’s account of the story. Also if you ever need to give a worship talk or short sermon this book is a great resource.

Buy it on amazon.

GOP debate thoughts: Five things to remember this election

2016 will be the first election where I’m old enough to vote. This has made me much more interested in the coming election and politics in general. After watching the second GOP debate there were some things that kept coming to my mind. I did my best to write them down here in an organized fashion, resulting in this list:


  1. Not all republicans are Christian. Taking the side of christianity is the easy thing to do since 83% of americans call themselves Christian.
  2. Trump isn’t Jesus. He can’t save your soul and can’t forgive sins only Jesus can do that.
  3. Slow doesn’t mean stupid. Yes, I’m talking about ben Carson. Watch some of his interviews. He isn’t stumped by the questions, he always talks like that. The bible says we should be slow to speak, not sure why thinking first is no longer acceptable.
  4. Compromise isn’t an option when satan is on the other end. When one side is ok with selling dead children’s organs we can’t “make a deal” with them. Our only options is to stop murdering children altogether, born or unborn.
  5. Remember what the Bible says about obeying authority and the government before you start saying that so-and-so would be a good president.

Now, go and learn about the candidates for yourself. Then when someone asks you who you think would do good you can compare candidates views to biblical rules and guidlines.

It’s been a year

It’s been a year since I started PBHS and it’s time for a quick recap.
In the last year my blog has been view just under 2,000 times.
There have been 52 comments.
PBHS has been viewed in 17 different countries across the world.
33 different search terms have been used to find my blog through google.

My most viewed post are:
1. I don’t hate women, I hate it when women act like men
2. Cursed are the peacemakers
3.Patriarchal approval how to grow some f**king balls

Now go read through the archives to make sure you didn’t miss anything.

How To Evaluate Your Relationship With God

The pastor comes up front holding a lamp, and sets it down on the table “you are the lamp” he says. “Gods word is the light bulb. You can follow all that stuff in the bible but it doesn’t matter. The light will not turn on because the lamp has no power. You must plug the lamp into the power source to get light. God is the power source and you must be plugged in to God to shine his light to others.”

Then he starts telling you how to stay “connected to that power source.” The method usually presented is by reading a book filled with churchian cliches and then at least weekly if not daily getting together with others who openly flaunt their sin and listening to them talk about how judged they feel. Don’t get me wrong I definitely encourage the daily reading of scripture. The problem comes when a daily or weekly emotional high routine is used to evaluate one’s relationship with God. People will often say “I could just feel God with me when I read that book, and when I didn’t life became much harder.” News flash: 2 timothy 3:12. We shouldn’t judge our relationship with God by how we feel or our emotions. These are very easy to manipulate and give no solid footing for you to stand upon. God tells us how to judge our relationship with him. He says “ if you love me keep my commandments.

I once spent some time in a place where many people worshiped the created instead of the creator. And one of the things that scares me most looking back is how they use all the same methods churchianity is using. Soft music and low lighting were used during the “alter call” just like church. As I stood shoulder to shoulder with sixty other young men and women holding candles I realized I had done this a few times before… while worshiping God.

Satan isn’t stupid. He was an angel, he knows how to mislead. He uses the same methods in church that he uses during the worship of false gods, and yet we fall for it every time.

Stop judging your relationship with God by your emotional highs and start judging it by your obedience to God’s word, this is how we show him our love.

So I must ask you, how is your relationship with God going?

Abandoning Fear

Because I’ve been scared. The reason I haven’t been posting much is because I’m afraid. I’m afraid of the truth, and the implications of following it. But in the end the truth is all we can be sure of. People will change their mind. We have wolves in sheep’s clothing and those we look up to as shepherds will turn on us immediately if the price is high enough.

What would people have done if they found out that I think men not taking their hats off during prayer and women pastors are wrong but slavery and using strong language isn’t. Most people will either attack me or try to distance themselves from me. Recently I have experienced both. This is because recently I have been standing up for what I believe and not cowering behind our evil society. I have stopped going around begging for friendship and acceptance while hiding my beliefs in the depths of the closet. I am going to come out of the closet and call homosexuality and other evil acts the sins that they are. I could get fired I guess, but it doesn’t matter. Money isn’t whats important (and even if it was I’m sure I would manage just fine). What I’m really scared of is losing my family and those I truly care about, but God told us to expect this, it’s what he came here for. I have decided to embrace the persecution that God promised his followers and claim the blessings that come with it. But now I challenge you: Are you willing to make a stand for truth? Are you willing to give up your friends and possibly your family? Are you willing to accept the persecution that is bound to come your way? If so I congratulate you. You have the strength to do what most cannot. You have decide to abandon fear.